Sanchez announces Spain will be vaccinated from January

Sánchez says that there will be vaccines in December and that they will decide with the CCAA who will be first to receive them.

Spain’s PM Sánchez says that there will be vaccines in December: He announces that the vaccines will be distributed in accordance with the CCAA.

The PM announced on Monday that he hopes that the vaccine against the new coronavirus can begin to be administered to certain population groups as of December. Pedro Sánchez also assured that those first groups to receive the vaccine will be agreed with the autonomous communities. Despite the fact that international pandemics are a State issue.

In an interview on TVE, reported by Europa Press, Sánchez recalled that the European Union is the one that is managing the purchase of vaccines against the new coronavirus. The main ones being the one developed by the University of Oxford (United Kingdom) and the AstraZeneca company the which is more advanced.

Sánchez said “Right now, at the European level, we are closing contracts with different pharmaceutical companies. Accessibility will be for all European citizens and the contract that has already been closed is with AstraZeneca and Oxford since it is the one that currently has the more advanced tests. So we hope that in December we can begin to vaccinate parts of the population in Spain”

In fact, the President of the Government recalled that this Wednesday the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (CISNS), chaired by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, and in which all the autonomous communities participate, will begin to work in the population groups that will receive the future coronavirus vaccine first.

“Much better” prepared than in April

Likewise, Sánchez has ensured that the “horizon” of a response against the virus by science, together with the better knowledge that doctors have about the management of the disease, the greater protection of health professionals and the increase in awareness of citizens makes them “much better prepared” against Covid-19 than in March or April.

“Regardless of whether the number of infections is comparable to the situation we had in March and April, the pandemic is not of the same characteristics of what we are unfortunately experiencing,” Sánchez warned that the coronavirus is still a ” great unknown and a deadly adversary for the whole of the European population “.  Global247News Twitter

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