Merthyr Tydfil Sex Pest Ricky Davies Jailed For 13 Months For Groping in Holiday Beauty Salon

A notorious sexual groper has been jailed for sex assault on a 16-year-old girl at a holiday beauty salon.

Merthyr Tydfil Sex Pest Ricky Davies Jailed For 13 Months: Ricky Davies from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales has been jailed for 13 months, after committing a sexual assault, at a beauty salon in Brixham, Devon, whilst on holiday.

Davies, who has been reported to have groped many women over the years whilst carrying out sexual fantasies in the South Wales valleys has been eventually convicted after attacking a young single, just turned 16-year-old female.
The victim told the courts that she yelped in shock and pain, as he touched her private parts through her clothing, before being chucked out of the salon.
Davies claimed he had only cupped his hand around the victim’s bottom as a joke, but later admitted that he had groped her.
Davies has a long track record from groping young girls a close source told Global247 news, as he informed how his former pal would travel South Wales to get his sexual kicks.
” He would have weird fantasies, he had a fetish about supermarket uniforms – especially Tesco ones, I recall we were in Talbot Green once and he started groping the female shelf stackers as they reached up to the top shelves”

” He would grab their behinds and give them a firm squeeze, he really was weird and that’s when I stopped hanging around with him,” he said.

Ex school associate, Nicole Claydon recalls how he was always as she calls Davies being perverted during their school years as she told: ” He was caught once drilling holes in the doors of the girl’s cubicles and then videoing them on a mobile phone as they went to the toilet, he used to think it was funny and would brag about it to his pervy mates”

Pervert Davies now faces 13 months behind bars for his latest offences but many in the South Wales Valleys feel the sentence is too light.

Dale Leeworthy who claims to know the sexual predator well as he used to cut his hair said: “He’s been at it for years, it’s well known in Merthyr, but he kept getting away with it, especially in Tesco’s – he was banned eventually in the Town’s supermarkets so bragged how he went further afield to the likes of Talbot Green where he wasn’t known, he never caught as he was in and out after a few gropes to fill his sexual satisfaction, thankfully he’s eventually been caught but it should be 10 years not a paltry 13 months”  Global247News Twitter

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