Frenchman blows up house trying to swat a fly

A Frenchman who was trying to swat a fly has inadvertently blown up part of his house.

Frenchman blows up house:  He was trying to kill the fly using an electric fly swat when the accident happened. The 80-year-old man was eating his dinner on Friday evening when the fly, who was buzzing around him, became too much of an annoyance to ignore.

He grabbed the electric swatter and took aim, not knowing that a gas canister in his home at Parcoul-Chenaud in the Dordogne, was leaking. The electricity from the swatter and the gas caused a reaction and the explosion took out part of his kitchen.

As the Frenchman blows up house, the blast affected part of the roof above, and the house is now uninhabitable. Luckily, the gentleman survived the explosion with just a burn to his hand. News agency Sud-ouest reported that the man is now living at a nearby campsite while his family make repairs to his home. It is not known what happened to the fly !!  Global247News Twitter

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