British Bars in Spain on the Costa del Sol Turn to Go Fund Me For SURVIVAL

British owned bars on Spain’s Costa del Sol turn to fundraiser Go Fund Me In a bid for survival.

Through no fault of their own, British Bars in Spain on the Costa del Sol are fighting for survival.

No tourists, heavy restrictions on Spain from other governments, especially the British, where British owned bars are concerned has reduced established bars and restaurants into a financial meltdown.

Daily on the Costa del Sol bars and restaurants are closing for good whilst others linger on the resale market -reducing prices each week.

Although one owner isn’t giving up and has turned to his loyal customer base for support.

Steve Sangster, who owns the fabulous 76 Bar and Restaurant in Benalmadena, on Spain’s Costa del Sol, has turned to Go Fund Me in an attempt for survival.

After initially calling for custom in an attempt to survive on the 20th of August on their social media channels: “Please come along and support us we need your help to survive the forthcoming weeks -We are open this evening from 7 pm -Friday Saturday and Sunday from 10 am for English breakfast snacks etc continuing through for evening meals and Sunday from 10 -2 for English breakfast.”

It was only 10 days later they were forced to announce closure: “We are sorry to announce that we have had to take the decision to close. This is due to the financial impact of the coronavirus. We hope it will not be for long but we expect to be closed at least through September. We would like to thank everyone that has supported us through this past few months.”

Trade for British establishments has hit rock bottom, it is through no fault of the traders, there just are no customers.

The battle for survival though was not over for Sangster.

Sangster decided to reach out on social media to his loyal customer base spread across Europe and announced:

“Hello to all of our wonderful, loyal supporters.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank every single one of you who visited and supported us during these difficult times.
We, like many of you, have suffered at the hands of coronavirus and have had no choice but to close our doors, despite all of our best efforts.
We enjoy serving you, our loyal customers, who visit year after year.
You have made Restaurant and Bar 76 one of the most popular and friendly destinations in Benalmadena.
We are reaching out to you, our friends, to please help us during these hard times. So that we can one day re-open again.
Any donation you can give would be greatly appreciated. And can make all the difference to our restaurant’s survival.
Thanking you all for you for your love and support.
Steve, Teri and all the staff at 76.”
Setting up their Go Fund Me Page, Steven made a rallying call to his loyal customer base and openly admitted their plight:
“The COVID 19 crisis has hit many of us very hard.
With the restrictions on travel to Spain, it has been incredibly difficult for the last few months.We have tried to stay positive and have worked hard throughout July and August to stay open. But despite our best efforts without our loyal and lovely customers it has been impossible to cover the expenses.

On September the 1st we had to close our doors, but this, unfortunately, does not solve our problems. With no income since March and no savings left, we are in a financial mess. Unable to pay the basics including rent and electricity etc.

We love this Restaurant and we love our customers. There is no better sound than that of laughter and clinking glasses while people are enjoying each others company and our food.

We don’t want this to be the end for Restaurant and Bar 76, this place has been an institution for many years. And a firm favorite with many of you returning year on year.

Your donations will help pay the costs of our rent, electric and water to enable us to open again. And stay open until this crisis is completely over.

It will help secure the jobs of our 8 employees who have all suffered during this crisis.
Many of you know Hayley, Katrina and Kayleigh, our three fantastic waitress’s. And in the kitchen Ally, Simon, Nico, Paul and Mathew (expecting twins) plus of course ourselves Steven and Teri.

We have invested our heart and soul and life savings into this Restaurant please help us if you can.

The kindness of others always touches me deeply. I can’t explain how much your help will be appreciated. Just to know people care and want to help is amazing.

Please help us so we can share a drink with you and serve you again in the future.

Best Wishes Steven”

Within just days the page has raised £755 as the well-respected establishment’s customers feel the pain of the owners.

Although there is a long way to go, to reach the required target of £10,000

The current scenario demonstrates the reality of British owned establishments on Spain’s Costa del Sol & Costa Blanca. Which is only set to get worse as the winter months approach.
A local user of the fore mentioned told Global247news this morning: ” It’s so sad to see, It’s a great place, but unfortunately it’s the same for hundreds across Spain. It’s not going to end well but at least Steve is making an effort and to be honest, we are going to lose these places if we don’t support them. I don’t think people realize that at present” said David Drummond.
All of the Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca is now in deep financial crisis when it comes to British owned businesses in Spain.

Many blame Boris Johnson and his hard stance quarantine restrictions that our killing off British businesses.

“It’s been brutal, the coasts here are going to be shantytowns before long if something doesn’t change. It will take years to recover too, there is no end to this unless something drastically changes. Personally i think it’s a complete mess caused by politicians on both sides.” said Brian Rosier. “The world needs to get on with life, it can’t afford to keep hanging around”
” I’ve seen many bars and establishments turning to fund pages and I expect to see many more over the next few months” he finished.  Global247News Twitter

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