Japan is holding it’s breath and waiting for Typhoon Haishen to hit the country’s southwest peninsular.

Japan braces for typhoon: The Japan Meteorological Agency is warning of record rainfall, violently high winds with high tides and waves.

They are urging people in Okinawa and Kyushu to exercise major caution as the typhoon is due to hit Okinawa on Sunday and then move on towards Kyushu, the main southern island.

A meteorological representative has told news reporters that people should not think twice about evacuating their homes, even in the face of the current corona virus pandemic.

As Japan braces for typhoon, he said that the forecast is for sustained winds of 123mph on Sunday in Okinawa. On Saturday, the center of the typhoon was over Minamidaito and traveling north at a speed of 19mph.

Kyodo news agency has reported that local rail companies will be suspending some services on Saturday. And all of them on Sunday. Also, they said, 23 dams have let water flow out so as to stop the risk of flooding.

Typhoon Haishen follows Typhoon Maysak. Which smashed into the Korean peninsula on Thursday, leaving at least two dead and thousands temporarily without power.

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