Birmingham knifeman 'looked calm' before stabbing woman

A knifeman who went out on a random stabbing in Birmingham city centre, looked extremely ‘calm’ according to eyewitnesses.

The attacker has not yet been caught by police. A man has died and seven others were injured, two seriously, across four separate locations in the early hours of this morning.

Eyewitnesses have said the knifeman looked ‘like he didn’t care’ and casually walked past police and emergency services before being forced to run from the scene.

A bar owner who saw what happened told Sky News ‘He wasn’t concerned, he wasn’t worried, he wasn’t panicking or anything. After he stabbed the girl, he was just walking.’

All of the victims appear to have been chosen at random and there was no suggestion the attacks had been ‘motivated by hate’ or linked to terrorism, police said.


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