Thousands ignore 14 day quarantine rule

Thousands of people across the UK are ignoring quarantine rules and not self-isolating after returning from abroad.

Thousands ignore 14 day quarantine rule: The Metropolitan Police has received more than 1,000 referrals to carry out quarantine checks to make sure that returned tourists are self-isolating. Officers have so far visited 840 people who should be isolating after returning from abroad. They are planning to visit another 300 travellers who have recently returned.

Greater Manchester police said its officers had received 263 quarantine referrals. They have issued 2 fixed penalty notices to those who wouldn’t comply.

Experts have warned that if people don’t stick to the rules then a country-wide lockdown will be enforced.

All this comes after Boris Johnson defied a Tory backlash to insist that testing on arrival at UK airports would only give a ‘false sense of security’. Backbenchers voiced frustration as the PM refused to bow down to make the changes, despite desperate pleas to reform the Government’s blanket travel quarantine policy in order to prevent the ‘demise’ of the UK travel industry.


Anyone entering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland from somewhere that is not on that country’s list of exempt travel corridors must self-isolate for 14 days.

You can’t get round the rules by using a different airport.

Everyone entering the UK must complete a ‘passenger locator’ form and provide contact details.

For anyone required to self-isolate who does not provide an address, the government will arrange accommodation at the traveller’s expense.

For 14 days, starting from the day after arrival, people who are self-isolating must not:

Go to work or visit public areas.

Children must not attend school.

Have visitors unless it is for essential support.

Go out to buy food, or other essential items, if they have others to do this for them.

Use public transport (including Taxis) to reach their destination on arrival in the UK.

The rules apply to everyone apart from selected groups of people including politicians and freight drivers.

A group of Welsh travelers have spoken exclusively with Global247news about the prospect of self-isolating when they return from Portugal this weekend.

Thomas Stevens, who is on holiday with partner Jacob Christopher, told us “I’m not isolating when I return. The government are lying to us about this so-called pandemic.  It’s no worse than the flu. I will be going out to my local pub, the Golden Cross, when I get back Cardiff.”

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