Spain's expat media on Costa del Sol get ecstatic over small earth tremors to the laughter of San Francisco citizens

The ex-pat British media in Spain get ecstatic over a couple of small earth tremors. Whilst citizens in San Fransisco shake with laughter

Spain’s expat media on Costa del Sol get ecstatic over small earth tremors: Citizens in San Fransisco dining out last night on Pier 49 were shaking and rocking with laughter at the Brtish ex-pat media on Spain’s Costa del Sol. As they make ecstatic headlines out of a couple of small earth tremors.

The tremors that only reached 4.1 on the Richter scales at their height whilst normally averaging in the 3’s are always reported with an earthquake headline. Whilst in reality, it’s a small tremor that the majority don’t feel and leaves no damage whatsoever!

Hank Mitchell, from downtown San Francisco, told Global247news how he can’t stop laughing. As he checks daily for earthquake movements on the internet, he said: ” What is it with those Brit’s in Spain? man they are so dramatic. They reside in a zone that will always have slight plate movements causing the smallest of tremors. They report it as a shocking experience” he laughed

” The latest one reads ‘COSTA del Sol shakes as Friday night quake hits.’ Oh my Gawd what a headline for a small tremor!” Hank rolled out laughing, ” If that’s not dramatic I just don’t know what is,” he said.

“I see the article was written by a Chris Kidd – well he’s living up to his name, he’s certainly kidding!” he rocked.

Although Hank’s buddy, Joe McCann another earthquake watcher sitting on the bay said: “It’s not him though, they all seem to be at it when the earth moves, it makes us laugh and laugh as we search for real quakes across the world – may be their editors should send them here to do a survey on real quakes but I doubt the clickbait will cover the expenses” he rolled.

The coasts of Spain have seen 3 tremors in the last week but it’s nothing unusual for the area that reports tremors and ground movement several times a month but it seems to have given the US a giggle.


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