Patients asked to call 111 first before attending A and E in NHS shake up

Under new reforms being put in to place by the NHS patients will now be told to call 111 for advice. Before they go to Accident and Emergency departments.

Patients asked to call 111 first before going to A&E: Pilot schemes for the new reforms are due to be put in place shortly across the whole country. Asking patients who do not require an ambulance to pre-book appointments at casualty departments.

Chief Medical Officers for the NHS hope that this will prevent overcrowding in A&E. And direct patients to the correct places for help. However, medical experts say that these new reforms could become very dangerous. As people who require urgent medical care as the number of deaths from those needing care for killer diseases such as heart attacks during lockdown rose sharply.

Meanwhile, the number of deaths and hospital admissions for coronavirus have fallen to an all time low. This since the peak of the pandemic in April. Former vice president of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, Dr Chris Moulton, said that. “he was afraid the new changes would put people in danger if they cannot access urgent care”

He said ” we need to open access for patients immediately and get back to face-to-face medical care”. Health Chiefs insist that ambulances will still be there for emergencies. Additionally no one will be turned away from an A&E department.

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