#GBSO becomes the highest ranking hash tag on Twitter as West Ham Captain Mark Noble vents fury

The hashtag #GBSO became the number one ranking on twitter this week. As West Ham United loyal supporters call for the heads of their board whilst Captain Mark Noble vents his anger.

#GBSO becomes the highest ranking hash tag: The hashtag stands for Gold, Brady, Sullivan Out, and has been in circulation for over 2 seasons strongly now as loyal West Ham United supporters of generations call for their heads. It’s probably apart from a Championship promotion. The biggest title they have won under their appalling regime since the egotistic trio took over the running of the club.

The amazing feat of becoming Twitter’s number one hashtag clearly demonstrates the venom the loyal fans feel right now to their Board of directors.

This week sparked once again fury at the board. That has already seen pitch invasions against them as well as hundreds of supporters demonstrating at the director’s box. Whilst they cowardly sneaked off behind the scenes as loyal fans were banned for life.

The incident this week that once again ignited the fury was the selling of an up and coming winger for a reported 20 million pounds. Despite branding the club as the Academy Of Football, who bring through youth to their first team.

Grady Diang was sold to Premiership newcomers West Brom and to former West Ham duo Billic & Dicks. Both West Han United legends, who manage the midlands club.

To both West Ham’s loyal fans and even their Captain, Mark Noble – it’s a footballing crime.

Noble, the current club Captain and a loyal servant to the club, himself coming through the ranks from the world-famous academy that has produced so many previous stars. Albeit before the regime of the current directors known commonly as the “Dildo Brothers” within the footballing fraternity took over, hit out himself on social media at the sale.

Clearly outraged Noble tweeted: ” As Captain of this football club I’m gutted, angry and sad that Grady has left, a great kid with a great future!!!!!!”

Captain Nobles Tweet Of Fury

For a club captain to vent such anger on social media towards his own board of directors. Clearly demonstrating the anger within and outside the club as the Dildo Brothers and their self-publicity seeking CEO Karren Brady continue to destroy a footballing institution.

The trio has promised the fans the world since they took the reigns. Some would say it was a “blag” all along as they pulled down and sold off one of the most historic football grounds in the country, Upton Park. Then renting a defunct former Olympic Stadium not fit to serve football.

None of the “blag” has come to fruition. Whilst the old famous ground now resides as blocks of flats, with the heart of the east end community ripped out of it forever.

Now though it’s also the loyal supporters of the club who once again suffer more pain and anguish. As the trio destroy the iconic famous club further to the extent even the Captain has to lash out.

Since the trio’s arrival at the club, it has been nothing but shambolic. Sullivan, especially has totally embarrassed the club, the fans have had to put up with his spoilt little rich kid son Jack acting as Chairman on twitter from the age of 13. To whom now runs the show at West Ham ladies team, often even undermining managers.

Managers though since their arrival at the reigns have always been undermined. It’s nothing new at the club, players even arrive at the training ground without the manager’s knowledge as Sullivan feels he’s an expert in football scouting. It’s ironic though each Sullivan signing has flopped.

The majority of football managers approached turn down the opportunity of the job. As it’s well known in football management circles of the interference from Sullivan himself.

An insider at the time told Global247news how Sam Allardyce used to receive up to 60 emails a day from “Sullivan Towers”

“Many fans had no time for Big Sam but they didn’t realise what went on behind the scenes. He would get up to 60 emails a day from Sullivan, trying to discuss and advise on football matters. Most managers would have walked but in fairness, Big Sam stuck it out to the end of his contract”

“He stood up to them the majority of the time but there were some blazing rows”

” Slav and Dicks, they got off to a great start. But then came the interference again, that’s why the form dropped so dramatically on the pitch. Many blamed Payet leaving, it wasn’t that though it was Sullivan, he was brutal with Slav, now look at Slav and Dicksie, taken West Brom to the Premiership in their first season and now even buying West Ham’s best youth stock, you couldn’t make this one up!”

” Hey even Moyes got the push but then returned as no other club manager would put up with Sullivan’s interference”

“Moyes needed the job, nobody else wanted him after several failures. So he puts up so far with the nonsense, the problem is Sullivan – a micromanaging Chairman with a big ego”

” He may be good in the property and business world but he hasn’t a scooby how to run a football club. And that’s clearly apparent,” he said.

With the season just one week away, it looks another torrid season at West Ham United unless the fans get their way and drive the current board of directors out.

West Ham fans are not glory supporters but they won’t be “blagged off”. And they have seen enough of it now with anti board protests gathering at pace.

One of those fans Martyn James has followed Sullivan’s actions for years and hit out yesterday as he said:

” We call him the mental midget, he’s destroyed this club with his fantasies whilst milking the club on property deals. He is a fantasist when it comes to football. This is the guy who dresses like a Russian claiming to be a long life West Ham fan, it was only a few years ago he was on “Through the keyhole” TV programme saying he was a Cardiff Fan and how he would buy that club one day”

” He plays fantasy football in his head I’m sure. We need him out of our club forever and Brady who has hung off his coattails all her life”

” It’s time to drive them out before they totally destroy this club forever. They have already managed to destroy most of it” he finished.


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