Czech Republic call off match with Scotland but haven't told them yet

The Nations League football match between Czech Republic and Scotland has been called off by the Czech side.

Czech Republic call off match with Scotland: They just need to tell the Scottish team now that they have done it !! The game was due to be played this coming Monday.

Their announcement came just a short while after they beat Slovakia in the same competition.

A statement issued on their football association website reads ” a decision has been reached not to play Scotland on Monday in the Nations League due to the current situation regarding COVID-19″.

Unfortunately the team had not contacted the Scottish FA to let them know the news before the website statement was posted !

A spokesperson for the Scottish FA said that they are now aware that the Czech Republic have cancelled the game. And that they have contacted UEFA to confirm the match status.

They were, however, taken by surprise by the news that the Czech Republic call off match with Scotland. An announcement last week from UEFA said that games should go ahead if teams have at least 13 players. Regardless of the current pandemic, which means that the cancellation will cost the Czech Republic points.

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