Children's rugby coach sent sexual messages to two underage girls in his team

A children’s rugby coach from South Wales was caught asking underage girls for sex.

Children’s rugby coach sent sexual messages: James Dowle was speaking to young girls in what was described as a  ‘sex chat’. With one of the girls only being 13 years old.

Dowle appeared at Cardiff Crown Court on Friday, Claire Pickthall, prosecuting, said: “His messages to the 13-year-old victim were discovered when her mother confiscated her mobile phone. She became aware of sexual messages between Dowle and her daughter which started on Facebook messenger.

“It was classic grooming behavior. “Dowle would ask the teenager what pictures she had on Instagram. He told her that he had pictures of himself in his feed.

“He asked her what she had done in a sexual sense. He told her: ‘We should get it on’.” The court heard messages were sent where Dowle told his victim that he was “craving a blowjob” and told her the size of his penis.

Police were contacted by the mother immediately and he was arrested the next day. As the allegations came to light Dowle was fired straight away from his role.

When a concerned mother came forward, a second teenage victim was soon identified

Miss Pickthall said: “The 14-year-old victim began texting Dowle during a disagreement with her mother.

“The mother told her she was not to contact Dowle even if it was just about rugby.

“She later confessed to her mother that there had been an exchange of sexual messages and that she had ‘done stuff’.”

Miss Pickthall added: “The messages made reference to fingering and asked if she was a virgin. He then asked if she wanted sex.

“He told her that his sex life with his partner was poor and told her the size of his penis.”

Judge Rhys Rowlands said: “As a grown man, you behaved in a wholly inappropriate way with two young girls.

“You came to know them at their local rugby club where you were one of the coaches. “As such your behaviour clearly involved a breach of trust.

“It has had a profound impact on the girls and their families. “Young girls have enough to deal with without you using social media for your own sexual gratification.

“You knew exactly what you were doing.”


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