Benidorm's worst September in history HOSBEC reports

Benidorm faces the month of September with the worst tourist figures in its history.

Benidorm’s worst September in history: The management estimates that during this month, especially in the last week, a maximum of 15 hotels of the 140 in the city will be open. Mainly due to the fall in tourists. The British quarantine and the German veto is a major factor.

The president of Hosbec, Toni Mayor, has admitted. “that on September 15, half of the hotels that were open this summer will close their doors”. And at the end of the month there is little no hope that “more than ten or fifteen hotels” will continue to operate. .

Without international tourists due to the limitations between countries, the other option was the Imserso trips. Which theoretically had to start in October. However, with the current evolution of the pandemic in Spain it is almost impossible for the program to be reactivated in the anticipated terms.

Benidorm is confident that the tourist situation can recover in June 2021. “As long as a vaccine is found”. Said the president of Hosbec. The city’s beaches no longer require the reservation system to be able to use them due to the minimal demand from tourists. This system was put in place to bring order to the beaches due to the pandemic.

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