Woman climbs onto wing of plane

An unnamed female passenger on a flight from Antalya, Turkey to the Ukraine opened the emergency exit door. Then climbed out onto the wing of the plane after complaining that she felt “too hot”

Crazy Woman climbs onto wing of plane: The incident happened after the plane had touched down in Kiev. A statement issued by UIA (Ukraine International Airlines) said that “a passenger on board flight PS6212 from Antalya to Kiev opened the emergency door of the plane. After it had come to a halt near Gate 11 of Terminal D she stepped out onto the wing”.

The female passenger had been flying with her husband and children on a chartered vacation. The airline went on to say that the pilot immediately summoned police. Border authorities and medical personnel at Boryspil Airport attended.

Other passengers onboard the plane also witnessed the lady open the door and climb out, then walk up and down the wing. The airline said that they hope that the woman will have to pay a high financial price for her terrible behavior. After examination, the woman tested negative for alcohol and drugs.

UIA have said that the traveler is now blacklisted from any of their flights in future.

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