Spain's blocked for gangster Kenny Noye due to parole board conditions whilst many say he was FRAMED

Gangster Kenny Noye can’t get back to his 2 million villa in Spain due to parole board conditions

Spain’s blocked for gangster: Kenneth Noye who has been released from a life sentence for the murder of Stephen Cameron in 1996, can’t despite his wishes return to his 2 million mansion near Cadiz in Spain. His parole conditions state he has to remain in the UK unless there are special conditions such as attending a funeral.

Noye, who many feel got persecuted in 1996 by the British media and was cited as a road rage murderer, fled to his mansion in Spain after the M25 incident, where he remained at large for 2 years until being captured in a local restaurant by the flying squad.

After being deported from Spain, Noye stood trial for the murder and received a life sentence but was released recently on parole after being moved to an open prison in 2018.

Although Noye’s wishes are to return to his former his £2 million Spanish bolthole, a hilltop mansion, was thwarted after he was told he must live in Britain as a condition of his release.

Noye free

Noye’s last visit to Spain was when he fled the country as he took a helicopter arranged by now deceased gold bullion smelter and timeshare crook John Palmer, who since has been assassinated by a hitman whilst gardening at home in Essex.

The flight landed Noye in France who then took to the road to Spain where he lived under a fake identity in the Spanish hills before being tracked down.

Whilst cops have always claimed, a tourist spotted him in the small  Spanish local village and reported it, many believe he was “grassed up” and cops flew to the village with the victim’s fiancee to identify him before making the European arrest.

Meanwhile, many blame the British media for portraying Noye as simply having a road rage fight on the M25 slip road, when they claim his victim was actually a drug dealer who owed the gangster money, according to some gang members in the London scene, Stephen Cameron was actually a drug dealer himself and when the two pulled up alongside each other, Cameron stuck the finger up to Noye referring to the outstanding debt which started the roadside fight, it was then, many claim, Cameron started the fight and got on top of the heated exchange before Noye pulled the knife in self-defence.

Noye himself at trial cited he went on the run as he felt he wouldn’t get a fair trial in the UK.

The 73-year-old was allowed to walk free after the Parole Board ruled he was safe for release.

On his release from jail in June, Stephen’s family branded his sentence ‘not justice’ and a senior detective in the case said it was ‘a joke’ whilst many don’t agree with the detective’s sentiment.

East ender Andy Malone told Global247news: “It’s been a farce all along in the mainstream media, Cameron was well known as a drug dealer, this was never exposed in the British media, but that’s probably why Kenny got parole, Cameron was a cocky so and so and gave Kenny the bird, hence the scrap, but the media have always made out he was a young lad just out with his girlfriend and it was a road rage incident, sympathy vote, there was no road rage incident at all, Kenny got framed”

” Yes he should be allowed to return to Spain, he’s done his time which in reality was self-defence not murder” he finished.

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