Shocking moment Liverpool police pepper spray and assault man for not wearing mask on train

The man, who looked to be in work clothes en route home, was on a train in Lime street, Liverpool when a police officer pepper sprayed him for not having a face mask on.

Shocking moment Liverpool police pepper spray and assault man for not wearing mask on train: Shocking footage below shows the man pleading his innocence and saying calmly that he is ‘exempt’ because of health issues but the officer violently manhandles the man and then pepper sprays him.

After a 2 minute scuffle with the man still pleading his innocent, the policeman rips off the man’s t shirt.   Afterwards swarms of other officers come in to drag the man away.

Passengers on public transport in England are required by law to wear a mask. If not they face a £100 fine, unless they have a medical condition which prevents them from wearing a mask.

The man’s friend records the incident. And apart from the ‘offender’ pushing the officer’s hands away not one of them act maliciously or violently.

A spokesperson for British Transport Police said today: ‘A man has been charged with threatening behavior and assaulting a police officer on a Merseyrail train to Liverpool Lime Street station.

‘The incident happened at around 3.20pm on Wednesday, September 2. Officers had responded to a report of a man coughing at two passengers.’

The man is due to appear in court in January 2021, the spokesperson added. The BTP said that while pepper spray was used during the incident, the man was not hit with the liquid.

Police officers are allowed to use pepper spray by officers faced with violence. Or if they are under the threat of violence. Under guidance from the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC).

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