Pensioner with Parkinsons penalised for putting up hanging baskets

A pensioner suffering with Parkinson’s disease has received an order from his housing association. Ordering him to remove hanging baskets that he has placed on his property.

Pensioner with Parkinsons penalised: Due to the fact he did not ask permission to put them up. Jimmy Bain, 81, spends the majority of his life at home due to mobility issues He hung 3 baskets from his windows to brighten the house up.

Now the association has asked him to remove them as they have received complaints from his neighbors. Hanover Housing Association said that they had concerns that access to the property would be restricted if the baskets remained.

Although they did admit that having pleasant outdoor spaces is of the utmost importance. Mr Bain, from Bainsford, Falkirk, now has until 11th September to take the baskets down.

When interviewed, Mr Bain said that he had no views from his windows and that a friend put up the baskets to brighten up his view. He said he really didn’t have a clue that he had to get permission for them.

He went on to say that it is utterly stupid and terrible. Other residents nearby have also been told to remove similar articles from their properties.

A spokesman for Hanover Housing Association said that their landscape contractors stated that “access to the properties would be hindered for them to do essential works.”

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