Pensioner, 84, is forced to lie on a pavement for FIVE HOURS waiting for an ambulance

After taking a fall whilst cutting hedges, a 84 year old pensioner was forced to lie on a pavement and wait five hours for an ambulance.

Pensioner, 84, is forced to lie on a pavement: Donavon Marsh, from Swansea fell around 4pm on Tuesday. He spent several hours on the floor with a blanket covering him up.

A passerby found him, and called an ambulance before informing his son Dave Marsh, 58.

Mr Marsh said he couldn’t fault the service paramedics gave his father once they arrived at 9pm. However  the wait made him extremely worried about the pensioner’s state.

He said: ‘We were told not to move him and to not give him food or water and were told to tell them if he deteriorated. We rang four times in the five hours. He was in an uncomfortable position on his side and was getting cold as time went on.

‘I was worried because at his age, a fall could turn into something more serious. And he’s the type of person who would usually get up after a fall.

‘Luckily, on Tuesday it was fairly mild and dry. If it was Wednesday night, it would have been even worse with all that rain.

‘But even though it was mild, he was getting colder and colder and ended up with four blankets on him by the end.

‘They did come in the end and they were very professional. When you call up you are asked questions and they obviously have to prioritize serious cases.

‘They took him to Morrison Hospital to the old persons assessment suite and kept him there overnight.

‘They rang me yesterday and moved him to the main hospital since he has a urinary tract infection so he’ll probably be in there for a couple of days and he’s on antibiotics.

‘I can see why it takes a long time. When they came they had to do an assessment and paperwork before leaving for hospital. And at the end of the day it’s about resources and the size of our population – the NHS can’t cope.’

The Welsh Ambulance service have said they are currently busier than ever. Experiencing one of the busiest days of the year last month.


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