Easyjet issues an apology to customers over "filthy" planes

Despite the reassurance from crew members that the deep cleaning of planes continues to be a top priority for the airline.

Easyjet issues an apology to customers over “filthy” planes: Angry passengers have said that they have boarded planes to find discarded tissues and hair on seats. In addition leftover food, leaving them “horrified”.

One Easyjet passenger, Max Farrow, Tweeted on social media.

He said ” Hi easyJet, could you explain what you mean at the start of the flight when you say the plane has been cleaned with special anti-bacterial cleaning products. yet we walk on to this???”. He said there was hair strewn across every seat and all over the floor, along with food crumbs.

And another customer flying to Bristol went on her Twitter account to say. “very disappointing and concerning to see no cleaning on the BJV-BRS flight yesterday evening. Dirty tissues left and tray tables not cleaned!”.

A spokesman for Easyjet went on record and apologized for the state of the planes. Saying that customer safety was their “number one priority”.

They also apologized for not keeping up with the company’s “high standard”. Saying that the customer and crew’s safety and well being is of the utmost importance.

Finishing off their statement they said that since they had resumed flights after lock down they had had feedback from customers. Most saying how pleased they were with everything the company is doing to keep them safe from COVID-19.

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