Welsh travellers to Portugal stick their fingers up to COVID-19 Regulations

Welsh travellers to Portugal’s Algarve have stuck their fingers up to the countries self-distancing regulations whilst they party all night

A group known as the Taffy Wilbury’s who recently caused havoc on Spain’s Costa del Sol before being escorted out of Fuengirola, are now sticking their fingers up to COVID on the Algarve.

Recently we reported how they smashed the bars of both Benalmadena and Fuengirola, falling on the fall, sleeping on the beach and fighting amongst themselves, as they crawled British bars, beating the pub ban in Wales at the time.

Eventually, the police of Fuengirola and residents had enough of the drunken behaviour that saw them frog marched back to Torreblanca station with an order not to return.

As Portugal though lifted its restrictions, the Taffy Wilbury’s took the opportunity of a pals villa on the Algarve and took advantage of flights at just £25 each return, the minute restrictions were lifted.

As Portugal faces in the next few days being placed back on the unsafe list and quarantine regulations being put back in place, the group gave a full demonstration to why as they stuck their fingers up to COVID -19 safety regulations.



It’s reported that Steven Thomas, a Welsh anti-mask demonstrator and a protester that all Coronavirus regulations are a farce, has been seen in the old town on Albefuria constantly mask free sticking his fingers up at locals when requested to wear it.

Ringleader Chris Jacobs has gone as far as creating a hashtag for social media saying “fucovid” that he has posted on in excess of 40 media channels.

Last night the group of four consisting of Thomas, Jacobs, and their cohorts, Shirley & Nips, smashed the bars in the old town and placed videos demonstrating exactly why Portugal should go back under the quarantine regulations.

Neighbour Manuel, who lives next door to the villa they have borrowed, called Villadaya, told Global247news of their behaviour, he said:

” They seem fine during the day, playing on the pools diving board and launching themselves in a rubber swan, they are nice lads but once you get a few beers in them, the noise levels do tend to go up but as the owner of the property rents it to large families normally, we are used to it in the summer, there’s no noise at all in the evening or night as they are out partying down the town, not coming back until 6 or 7 AM when apparently the bars are meant to close at 1 – but they don’t if you know where to go,”

“I’m not a snooping neighbour, but I have promised the owner I will keep an eye on them, but I can tell you one thing – they don’t believe in COVID regulations, that’s for sure”

Meanwhile back in Spain’s Fuengirola, Bar owner Mark Sutherland told how he was relieved the party had this time gone to Portugal, he said: We still haven’t recovered from their visit yet, I had one of them rolling all over the floor dribbling his cocktails out after 7 Long Island Ice Teas, he was atrocious and ended up outside flat on the Paeso, Portugal is welcome to them”

“It would be amusing though if the regulations change and they have to quarantine at home, I follow the anti-mask protester one on Facebook and watch his incredible rants,  Thomas will go bat crazy if he has to quarantine” he laughed.




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