'We will find you!' Police manhunt for 'maniac' killer in Spain after he strangled nursing assistant in Costa Blanca's Valencia

Police are searching for Janner Jimenez Ortiz, 29, after discovering Yesica Gularte’s body in her car in Valencia, Spain.

Police manhunt for ‘maniac’ killer: Pizza worker Ortiz was in a relationship with Miss Gularte. They used to  share a home near where she was found in her Citroen on wasteland on Sunday morning.

Colombian Ortiz is nowhere to be seen and is said to have even sent messages from Miss Gularte’s instagram account over the last week she has been missing, in a bid to cover his tracks and buy him time to escape.

After Uruguayan national Gularte was strangled, Valencia police say, Ortiz is the prime suspect.

And one message which Ortiz is meant to have sent pretending to be Miss Gularte is: “I’m okay, look after my cat.”

Yesica’s sister Adriana Vera made an impassioned plea for information on the suspected killer’s whereabouts by writing on social media:

“This is Janner Jimenez Ortiz, the killer of my sister Yesica Daniela Gularte.

“The Colombian killed her in Valencia in Spain. He is a fugitive from justice. Please share these pictures of him so justice can be done.”

An unnamed friend who was the last person to speak to Yesica and reported her missing after her pal told her Janner was leaving following the end of their eight-month relationship, added: “They had fought before. I’m sure it’s him. He’s jealous and a liar.

“I’m devastated at what’s happened.”

‘We will find you!’ Police manhunt for ‘maniac’ killer in Spain

Next another close friend Laila Barrios said: “Janner is a possessive and very jealous person. I never trusted him.”

Afterwards the friend left a message for Ortiz: ““Janner, they’re going to find you, I’m sure they’ll find you. And when they do, you’ll regret everything.”

As a result, a spokesman for the National Police in Valencia confirmed: “The investigation will be  ongoing for the present.

And finally, “We will not be making any official comment for the time being.”


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