Wales and Scotland introduce Portugal Quarantine

The Welsh and Scottish Governments have announced new quarantine measures. Welsh visitors to six Greek islands, Portugal, Gibraltar and French Polynesia will have to quarantine for two weeks when they return to Wales. These rules apply from 4am on Friday morning.

Wales and Scotland introduce Portugal Quarantine: The rules apply to people returning to Wales regardless of whether they land at Cardiff or any other airport in the UK.

Scotland will introduce quarantine for travelers from Portugal, Greece and French Polynesia from Saturday.

Tourists currently overseas are angered by the sudden changes. Jacob Christopher, currently in Portugal with his partner Thomas Stevens, told Global247news that “This has ruined mine and my partners holiday.  We saved hard for our break and now as Wales and Scotland introduce Portugal Quarantine they are making us isolate on our return.”

Thomas Stevens added, “I’m refusing to isolate when I get home.  I have to go to work in Tesco.”

A statement from the Welsh Government is expected shortly.


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