Police find bodies of five children in German town

In Germany, five children were found today after their mother allegedly killed them before attempting to take her own life.

Police find bodies of five children in German town: 20 miles from Cologne in western Germany, the bodies were found at an apartment building in Solingen.

The mother,27, jumped in front of a train, however she did survive after she allegedly killed her children, according to Blid.

The five dead children were one, two, three, six and eight years old, while an 11-year-old was uninjured.

The 11-year-old survivor is believed to be looking after by relatives. The children’s grandmother called emergency services on Thursday afternoon.

Stefan Weiand, a police spokesman at the house, said it was a ‘tragic situation’ and added that the mother was not yet in a fit state to be questioned, due to her serious injuries.

He told broadcaster WDR ‘Police find bodies of five children in German town. We are assuming a crime was committed. How and why that happened, we cannot say.’

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