Parents in Spain are arrested after leaving their, 6, year old home alone

A six year old boy was left home alone for days in Spain, his parents have now been arrested.

In Xirivell, Valencia, the boy was spotted on a fourth-floor balcony by neighbours, and they immediately informed the national police, and it is believed he was left alone for days.

Officers immediately rushed to the property, when they arrived they could hear cartoons blasting, and when knocking on the door, the boy quietly asked who was there.

The young boy then opened the door, extremely frightened and shaking according to sources.

It is unclear how long the boy was alone for, however it is believed to be at least a few days.

The Grandmother was contacted by police, who was reportedly furious over the situation and advised she was rushing over straight away to care for the child.

In the property, the police also found counterfeit items in two rooms. The parents admitted they knew the items were counterfeit and had sold them in person and online. Although when it came to the child, they both gave two different versions on who was suppose to be caring for the young boy.

They were arrested for the abandonment of a minor and crimes against industrial property, after having a previous police record.

A court date has not yet been given.


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