Illegal rave in Norfolk forest broken up by police

UK Police have moved in to break up an illegal rave that was taking place in a forest in Norfolk.

Illegal rave in Norfolk forest broken up by Police: More than 500 were in attendance at the open air party on 30th August. Police managed to record aerial footage of the event which started in Thetford on 29th August. It was planned to go into the next day.

Furthermore, aerial footage shows a dense group of people dancing in front of a stage. Ground footage shows one officer being attacked as they moved in to stop the rave.

Finally, more than 100 police were deployed to close down the event. Five people ended up being arrested and were fined £100 each. Equipment including audio, generators, a lorry and rig were confiscated.

Assistant Chief Constable Nick Davies said that he understood the disruption these type of events cause to people living locally. Additionally there is the concern regarding the corona virus and social distancing.

He went on to say that the Illegal rave in Norfolk was well planned. Additional resources were used to close it down safely. More than 100 officers were used from four different areas which was a significant task in itself, however the right result was achieved.

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