Breaking: Jet2 cancel ALL flights to Spain as people drop dead from coronavirus

The announcement comes after the surge in cases on the mainland of Spain and it’s islands.

Breaking: Jet2 cancel ALL flights to Spain: The flights have been cancelled until October 31st 2020 and will then be reviewed.

One customer – named as Bob Hopson – said he had just come off the phone with a manager at Jet2 who confirmed that all flights had been cancelled until this date.

All of those who have flights are to contact the company on how to go about getting refunds or pushing their flights to later dates.

Jet2 and Easyjet had cancelled flights back in August up to the end of September and this date has now been pushed back after Spain PM Pedro Sanchez announced a national emergency with thousands of daily infections across the country and hundreds dying in the last few days.

Flights from the UK to the Balearics including Mallorca had been cancelled last week and now this has to spread to all of Spain.

Back then, PM Pedro Sanchez said the UK was ‘making a mistake’ but now the surge in cases seems to be justified.

Sanchez had said that 64.5% of the new cases registered are in only two territories. In most of Spain, the prevalence of COVID-19 was “very much inferior” to the numbers registered in the UK.

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