Video: Chaotic brawl in Malaga restaurant

A video surfacing on social media shows chairs and table going flying at the popular El Zagal restaurant in the El Palo district of Malaga, Spain.

Video: Chaotic brawl in Malaga restaurant: One of two friends became aggressive because he was told to put his shirt on at the table on Sunday evening.

Apparently the two men, said to be Moroccan, violated the dress code by walking in to dine shirtless.

Then after being politely asked to put their shirt back on a brawl erupted in front of stunned onlookers.

Video: Chaotic brawl in Malaga restaurant

Afterwards the pair attacked the staff and waiters by throwing chairs and tables on the promenade.

Also the video shows one of the attackers with a kitchen knife in his hand.

Finally Malaga police were called and the pair were arrested and face criminal charges.


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