Rescued curlew chicks released

After their eggs were rescued from a peat land fire in County Armagh, a curfew of young curlew chick have been released back into the wild.

Rescued curlew chicks released: The fire, which carried on smouldering for weeks back in April and May due to extremely dry conditions, was fought by firefighters. They worked around the clock to put it out.

A team from the Saving Nature Project said the fire destroyed not only the adult curlew nests but also vital food supplies needed for the chicks to be raised.

The birds have become one of Northern Ireland’s most endangered species and have declined by 85% since 1985.

Once the Rescued curlew chicks were released, Workers took emergency steps to save the eggs from the fire. Working alongside the Environment Agency and the RSPB.

The eggs, then once rescued, were transported to a safe location and placed in incubators. This allowed  them to hatch and be hand-reared before being transported once again. This time to the RSPB’s Portmore Lough reserve.  Here they were kept in a pen of soft rushes to allow an ideal feeding habitat for the curlews. They were all able to be released back in to the wild last week.

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