The new data released in 2020 shows the UFO sighting hotspots in the United States.

The data correlated involves strange and unexplained lights and triangle shapes from the years 1910-2014.

Thousands of Americans have reported seeing everything from circles, fireballs, disks, spheres and snake-like UFOs, cigars and cylinders, chevrons, eggs, and cones over the 100-year period.

And the state which ranks as the most sighted – and seems to be the favourite destination for UFOs – is California.

The data, collected by the UFO reporting centre, shows that through the 104 year period of sightings, California had the most with 10,450.

However, the most UFO sightings per 100,000 people in North America is Gila Bend, Arizona, where there also happens to be a US airbase nearby.

“The tiny historic town boasts only about 2,000 permanent residents but has an unusually high amount of UFO reports: 1,193.89 UFO sightings for every 100,000 residents,” the data said.

According to the study: “Lights have been reported to move in weird patterns, flash, appear and disappear, display in a formation, and more.

“While some lights can be explained as an aircraft originating from Earth, a meteor, or satellites, some reports have remained shrouded in mystery.”

The study’s authors said there was no way “to definitively separate the hoaxes from the ‘real’ UFO sightings”.

Adding: “But it’s our theory that a higher frequency of sightings correlates with a higher percentage of reports from people who believe they have genuinely seen something in the sky that they cannot explain: a UFO.”

The data comes after the government announced a taskforce to investigate alien life and sightings.

However, many believe there are already aliens amongst us and that the nearby ‘secret’ bases in the California, Arizona and Nevada deserts such as Areas 51 and 52 are already holding alien technology and are responsible for the sightings.

Bob Lazar, an American scientist, has taken to podcasts such as the Joe Rogan show to say he worked in Area 52 and worked on alien technology in the 1980s.

Lazar stated that the American military has technology ‘light years ahead’ of anything currently shown to the population.

Lazar also said that once he started telling these secrets he had hits on his life including ‘agents’ trying to ram him off the California highway in a bid to kill him.

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