Man found with bullet holes in legs and backside on beach in Spain's San Pedro de Alcantara, Costa del Sol

A young man was found with gunshot wounds on the popular beach in San Pedro de Alcantara.

The man, identified as a 25 year old Ecuadorian, was immediately rushed to hospital where he is receiving treatment.

He was found by passersby in pain around 9.30pm on Tuesday night.

The police have taken over the investigation but some believe it could be gang-related with violence being rife in the area and up to Marbella.

Gang violence has been on the rise with foreign gangs including African and South Americans as well as Irish members fighting for dominance in the heavy drug importation area.

A British national aged 27, was wheeled into the Costa del Sol hospital in Marbella last month with four gunshot wounds in his legs but refused to cooperate.

The only clue given was that the deed was done by a Moroccan gang and that they stole his Rolex watch.

People in the area have been told to remain vigilant especially after dark by Marbella police.

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