Judge tells Birmingham thug who kicked woman in the head he can avoid jail because of Covid-19

A judge in Birmingham has caused a national outcry after giving a thug a suspended sentence after a New Year’s Eve attack.

Judge Avik Mukherjee gave Thsharif Ali a suspended sentence despite the perpetrator kicking a woman in the head in a ‘drunken rage.’

Ali, 42 from Moseley in Birmingham, caused the woman severe injuries including injuries to her cheek, forehead, eye as well as pain to her rib cage.

She also could not leave home for ‘quite some time’ citing a loss of ‘confidence and self-esteem.’

Criminology professor Elizabeth Yardley, of Birmingham City University, branded the justice system ‘inherently misogynistic’ after Judge Mukherjee gave Ali a 16 month prison sentence suspended for 2 years.

The judge even said to Ali that he thinks he will ‘breach this order (the suspended sentence).’

In deciding to postpone the sentencing until the thug commits another offence, the judge said it was partly down to the heightened risk of catching Covid-19.

Judge Mukherjee also added he was not immediately sending Ali to prison as there was a ‘realistic prospect of rehabilitation’.

The public including professors and experts in law took to social media to talk of their frustration.

Prof Yardley said: “Literally spat my coffee out on reading this. Judge says not sending him to prison is a ‘huge risk’. Threat of future violence against women is a risk worth taking then?!!!

“Oh and another thing Judge Mukherjee, the lack of remorse here is because he believes he hasn’t done anything wrong. He feels he has a right to abuse women.”

“The judiciary is the toughest nut to crack, it’s inherently misogynistic and there’s so much ignorance among judges around domestic abuse and violence against women.”

Another user tweeted:

“The judge admitted they thought it was likely he would re-offend within two years and it’s a risk not giving a custodial sentence, why is he on the streets then?

“Are they not supposed to be protecting the public from people like him not taking massive risks.”

Another reacted: “I don’t believe what I’m reading! So that’s a green light for everyone getting drunk fighting and kicking people in the head! There’s no deterrent! The British justices suck! I don’t know how that judge sleeps at night! It would soon be different if it happened to a member of his family. I feel sorry for the victims.”

Ali was ordered to pay costs of £350, 25 hours of unpaid work and a five year order away from the victims which included the sister of the main victim who Ali slapped across the face.

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