Government orders UK's north west to remain in lockdown including Bolton and Trafford, Manchester

The UK government have done a U-turn on lifting the lockdown in the north west after councils ASKED to stay quarantined.

Restrictions were due to be lifted but Bolton and Trafford leaders are alarmed at high infection rate and asked Downing street to step in.

Less than 24 hours before restrictions on social visits were due to be lifted on Wednesday, two local authorities covering more than 520,000 people warned the government it was too early to ease the measures.

Council leaders in Bolton and Trafford wrote to Health Secretary Matt Hancock on Tuesday asking him to change course, only four days after the health secretary announced the plans. The infection rate in both boroughs is several times the average for England.

And Mr Hancock said today that the restrictions would stay in place.

He said: “Following a significant change in the level of infection rates over the last few days, a decision has been taken that Bolton and Trafford will now remain under existing restrictions.

“This decision has been made in collaboration with local leaders after reviewing the latest data. We continually monitor outbreaks across the country, and have seen infection rates increase more than three times in Bolton in under a week, and double in Trafford since the last review.

“We have always been clear we will take swift and decisive action where needed to contain outbreaks. We can bring the rates down if we continue to work together and I urge everyone to continue to play their part by following the rules – get tested if you have symptoms, self-isolate and practice social distancing.”

Bolton is currently the second worst hit region in the country after a huge 200 per cent surge in cases.

The restrictions look somewhat like the national lockdown restrictions of March to May 2020 where different households were banned from meeting each other.

Businesses except essential ones such as supermarkets, remain closed.

There will be a review in 14 days.


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