Pensioners want a light lockdown in Spain's Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol as they return from Britain

A group of expat British pensioners who arrived back yesterday from Britain to Spain’s Fuengirola on the Costa Del Sol would prefer a light lockdown

Spain’s Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol saw the arrival of a group of pensioners back from Britain yesterday who last evening admitted they would prefer a light lockdown after studying how the Town has changed since their departure.

The group who normally return to Taunton & Yeovil Somerset in June, this year opted to return earlier as the pandemic started to strike and avoided the National State Of Emergency.

Yesterday they returned, landing at Malaga’s airport to witness the changes in the town since their departure.

The group of 6 who have known each other for over 40 years, have been following the same routine for the last 28 years of returning to Spain’s Fuengirola for winter but were shocked how quiet and desolate the Town is whilst getting to grips with the current regulations in place, although they feel the local government have got it totally wrong as well as saying how bad it is back in the UK.

The group feel they would be safer from the Coronavirus if the Town of Fuengirola went into a light lockdown.

Simon Dukes told Global247news as he sat outside the Rovers Return in Torreblanca: ” These regulations seem to be ass backwards to me, it’s good to see the mask ruling, that’s far better than in Yeovil, nobody there seems to care there, but some of the rules are nonsense, how does going to the toilet require a mask for instance when there’s unmasked people sat in the bar or at the bar? – that one is quite farcical and now smokers are coming outside too because they can’t use the designated smoking area!”

” The problem as I see it is that the youngsters are spreading this, not the old folk and they are the ones that need curtailing, even more importantly the Spanish holidaymakers have returned home”

” Take the beach for instance being closed until 7 AM – where is that going to make a difference?” he questioned, ” I walk my dogs on the beach normally at six when there’s no one around, now I can’t because they say the regulation is to stop youngsters gatherings on the beach, I haven’t seen a group on the beach in September at 6 am for what 20 years!”

” What’s needed is simple, a light lockdown or maybe you want to call it a curfew, whatever, 6 to 6, this will allow everyone to go out in the day time to do there bits and bobs whilst the youngsters are in school and work, let’s face it no one is in the bars and cafes as it is during the evening” Simon finished.

Sarah Proctor 74 from Taunton was in full agreement as she said: ” Makes perfect common sense to me, personally, I can get out and about during those hours, do my shopping, take a bit of lunch, supporting the local establishments and then return home, clearly, it looks like its the nighttime activities that are causing the second wave anyway, although I do have to say, I feel far safer here than in Taunton, the British aren’t taking it seriously at home at all, it’s good to be at last but some of these regulations are a little pointless really, I like the idea of a light lockdown, youngsters can’t complain, they have years ahead of them anyway and they should be thinking about their elders”

” At our time of life, we can’t risk the chance of infection, youngsters need to remember that, they have had the summer months, they should be knuckling down now anyway” Sarah finished.

Meanwhile, though Bar owner in Los Boliches back streets, Kevin Turner, feels its a selfish view as he told Global247news of his thoughts after hearing the pensioners views: ” What a load of tosh, they are not considering everyone, just thinking of themselves, the wrinklies are all at home in the evening anyway, I’ve heard it all now, they have this mentality though as they aren’t striving to make a living and feed a family, just sitting in the sun sat on a pension”

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