23 year old mother Amy Connor Found Dead Whilst On Holiday In Spain Will Be Buried Today In Pink Coffin

A 23-year-old young mother from Ireland  found dead in her hotel room on Spain’s Ibiza will today have her funeral in a pink beautiful coffin to reflect her loving character

Amy Connor from Ireland was just 23 years old mother when Found dead whilst on holiday In Spain.

She will be buried today in a pink coffin on reflection of her bubbly character, whilst the family still come to terms with their tragic loss.

The tragedy struck on the 20th of August as the group had returned from the hotel swimming pool and started to get ready for the evening ahead, but as young Amy got out of the shower and took to her bed for an afternoon nap, her sister Toni returned from the balcony of the suite at the Ibiza Rocks complex to find her younger sister unresponsive.

Toni has reportedly said the last couple of weeks have been an absolute nightmare whilst her niece has been left without a mother at just 3 years old.

The family funeral of the beautiful young mother will take place today as Amy will be buried in a bright pink coffin to reflect her loving bubbly character.

The coffin will also be encrusted with diamonds forming the word “Princess” whilst the family remain devastated and still in deep shock 2 weeks later, Toni has told the Irish media how she found her adorable younger sister, she told Belfast Live:

“We had been down to the pool and then came back up to the room for a while, so Amy got into the shower and then got into bed.

“I went and sat out on the balcony and ate some crisps and chilled and when I came back in, she was still in the bed…it was so surreal, it didn’t make sense. It was just such a shock.”

As the family say goodbye today in style to their family member, Toni said the coffin makers told them they had “never made a coffin-like it before and I thought that sounds right, Amy was one of a kind”.


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