Woman killed by speedboat

A woman has been killed by a speedboat in Corfu while she was swimming in shallow water.

Woman killed by speedboat: British mother of four Claire Glatman, 60, was hit and killed while swimming at Avlaki beach on the north east coast where the family owns a villa.

She suffered horrific injuries to her legs from the propeller of the boat. She was discovered by another swimmer and authorities say that the driver of the speedboat failed to stop at the scene of the accident.

Mrs Glatman was on holiday with her husband Mark, 63, and one of their daughters at the family holiday home where they spent several months of the year.

The couple, from Bedale, North Yorkshire, were said to have fallen in love with the area whilst on holiday seven years ago and decided to buy a villa there. As the family spent a lot of the year there, they became very well known in the ex-pat community and tributes for Mrs Glatman have poured in.

She was a trustee of the Hospital Of St Michael The Archangel in Bedale, while her husband was a chief executive of a commercial property group and also a solicitor.

No arrests have so far been made and it is possible that the driver of the boat was unaware of what happened. A spokesman for the local coastguard told a newspaper that they received a call and, upon arriving, found a lady’s body floating in the sea.

It was removed and taken to Corfu Hospital where an autopsy will take place on Tuesday. Initial medical reports confirmed severe injuries to both legs. The couple’s children have declined to comment.

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