Wife walks in on husband having sex with his mother - possible jail time for the pair

A woman who walked in on her husband in bed with his own mother said she ‘always suspected something.’

The 64 year old mother, named as Cheryl Lavoie, and her son Tony Lavoie, 42, were caught in the act in Fitchburg, Massachusetts in May this year.

Tony’s wife, Lori Lavoie, called her cousin straight after who then phoned the police.

The pair were arrested due to state laws and are facing a possible 20 years imprisonment each.

Tony allegedly told cops ‘it just happened’ and insisted it was the first time he had sex with his mom.

The couple were apparently seperated but still all living in the same house due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cheryl reportedly said they had grown closer in recent months and started having sex when they began kissing.

When the officer asked the Lavoies why it had happened, Tony allegedly said: ‘I don’t know. It just happened.’

The 43-year-old then said he wanted treatment for it, according to police.

The pair, however, 3 months on denied incest at court last Thursday and face trial.

Case continues.

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