Watch as female Morrison's worker threatens customer and calls him 'Black ****' in racist rant

The shocking footage shows a female supermarket worker call a black male a whole list of racial slurs.

The incident happened in one of the Morrison’s supermarkets in Palmers Green, London and appeared on social media this weekend.

The video shows the female staff member scream “Come and hit me you black c***” at a customer as staff try to pull her back and tell her to calm down.

The female staff member can be heard saying off camera:  “All I said to you was turn the card over you stupid f**** c***.”

The customer, who seems rightfully offended, responds: “They are going to have to sack you.”

The employee shouts back: “Come and hit me, hit me, then I can take you to court you c***”.

The worker then runs over to the man as a co-worker fails to restrain her as she continues to scream “Hit me”.

Astounded shoppers can be seen watching as the Morrisons employee’s rant turns racist as she shouts: “Hit me you f**** p****, you black c***”.

The woman then threatens the man saying “I’ll get someone to come and hurt you, you’re going to hate me. You don’t know who I am you p***”.

I’m sick and tired of everybody abusing me, that’s what I’m sick and tired of.”

“I come off my holiday and every time I come in this store someone’s going to mentally abuse me.”

The video was posted to Facebook with the caption “Morrisons staff calling a customer Black c*** absolutely shocking.”

Morrisons have not commented yet.

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