Swansea Ravers Cost Essential Emergency Services In Excess Of 10 Grand As More Events Planned

Swansea ravers have cost essential emergency services in Wales in excess of 10 thousand pounds in costs

Swansea Ravers Cost an astonishing amount to the public, as huge numbers of Police officers, needed to disperse an unauthorized weekend rave in West Wales has seen public anger all across Wales.
The illegal weekend rave in the Neath/Port Talbot area has cost thousands of pounds in public service money to disperse, due to the large number of emergency services in attendance, which included the police helicopter.
The estimated cost for the disperse operation is over £10,000, angering many people, due to already limited resources in the region.
Public health Wales fear a spike in COVID-19 cases may occur, due to social distancing not being adhered too but it’s the local residents who are outraged at the extensive costs as ravers travelled from all areas of Wales to attend the illegally organised event.
” It’s us who has to eventually pay for this and the actions of these idiots, why can’t they just behave for once,” Terry Winters told Global247news from Port Tenant in Swansea, ” It’s our region that will suffer, although hundreds came from different regions such as Cardiff and Bridgend,” said furious Terry.
Raves have come back on the scene in Wales as the events that started in the ’90s make a popular return as drug takers of mind-changing drugs such as LSD dance in large mobs to blasting music although many are not impressed with the return of the illegal events.
” They should all be rounded up and jailed – this county has gone soft,” said Arthur Evans from Mount Pleasant who further went on to say ” They should save money by shooting rubber bullets at them” he blasted.
It’s reported locally though more events are planned around the Swansea region that will once again be costing the taxpayer.

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