Posible caos en los viajes a Portugal

In a follow up to our article published on the 29th August. Portugal has seen cases of the corona virus continue to rise, which could cause chaos for travelers.

Portugal Travel chaos possible: If the UK reimpose restrictions on travelers arriving from Portugal it will mean a return to the 2 week quarantine period.

Additionally in the week leading up to the 30th August figures published showed 21.1 cases per 100,000 people. This is a jump from the previous week which showed only 19.4 cases per 100,000 people.

The UK government have capped the figure at 20 before they would impose quarantine conditions. As Portugal was removed from the “unsafe” list literally only two weeks ago, on the 22nd August. People have clambered to book holidays to the beautiful European county.

The Chief Executive of International Airlines Group (a subsidiary company of British Airways), Willie Walsh, said.  “that imposing a ban now on travelers returning to the UK from Portugal would cause further chaos and hardship for travelers”.

Portugal Travel chaos possible

And now that the ever changing list of countries that the UK is adding to quarantine basically means that they are saying “we are closed”.

Now around 160 countries are now on the “unsafe to travel to” list which he said is decimating the economy. The latest countries to be added are Switzerland, Czech Republic and Jamaica. Anyone arriving from these countries will face the 14 day quarantine period which is enforced by the British police.

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