Passenger Nigel Harris DEFENDS TUI over Zante to Cardiff COVID-19 Flight

Passenger Nigel Harris defends holiday company TUI over COVID-19 flight and claims passengers statements are untrue

Nigel Harris DEFENDS TUI: Nigel Harris and his wife Barbara were horrified to see other passengers comments in regard what has become known as the TUI COVID flight, where it’s been reported that the whole flight had had to be quarantined.

Mr Harris, from Barry Island, South Wales’s premier holiday resort, commonly known as Barrybados decided to take a weeks break with his model wife Barbara to the resort of Zante, Greece but wasn’t expecting to be quarantined on their return.

The former football correspondent known in the game as Nigelblues has on his return along with his wife taken a COVID -19 test as ordered with both results coming back negative although he’s astounded at the poor lack of reporting of the situation by many media channels and come out in defence of the TUI.

Harris stormed:

“Yes, we were passengers on the Zante to Cardiff flight that is making all national news with 16 and counting positive COVID.

Pleased to confirm we have both tested negative. We have been 100% well throughout but it’s good to get assurance when family and friends are concerned.
The reporting in local and national newspapers, TV and radio, all seemingly based on one woman passenger calling passengers Covidiots and TUI aircrew incompetent does not represent our experience in the slightest and I do not wish to be associated with that.

That is harsh and very unfair.

We were in Row 9 of a 27-row plane and saw nobody remove masks (other than for drink or food), walk down the plane to talk to others or do anything unruly.
I don’t know if it was different further down the plane but if that lady saw all those things, I don’t understand why she said nothing on the flight to staff.
The TUI staff did a sound job throughout too. The scariest part of the flight for us was landing in Storm Ellen, that was not an experience I want to repeat.
I suspect the COVID problem was among groups not respecting social distancing on holiday itself more than anything else but we did at all times and had a fantastic, safe holiday.
I hope everyone is OK and recovers quickly.
I can now enjoy my next beer! Cheers!”
Harris is known for his love of ale
Although despite his defense being greeted by the majority, it drew the attention of anti-mask protestor Steven Thomas, who questioned: ” Nobody removed masks except for food and drink? So they did remove their masks or don’t this virus transmit when eating or drinking overpriced refreshments? Oh well of to Portugal tomorrow let’s see what happens by the time we get back lol”
Thomas who has been to many demonstrations and protests over the civil rights of having to wear a mask leaves today for Portugal whilst the country sits on the verge of being taken off the “safe list”

Many people who disagree with Thomas’s views are hoping that Portugal comes off the safe list whilst the campaigner is on his travels.

Dai Walsh from Bargoed told Global247news this morning: ” Please Boris please, take Portugal off the safe list and throw Thomas into quarantine on his return, here in the valleys we are fed up of his bellyaching about having to wear a protective mask, he will explode and it will be hilarious to watch”
Thomas who was recently escorted out of Fuengirola in Spain by the National Police for drunken behaviour in the town, as well as fighting, was unavailable for comment this morning.
Mr Walsh continued ” As for Nigelblues, he’s a legend around these parts, he was always a very factual football correspondent and if he says that is how it really was I believe his version of events, it all did sound rather odd”

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