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Mark Labbett, star of ITV show The Chase, has announced that he and his wife have separated. Blaming the age difference and an open relationship as the cause.

Mark Labbett The Chase: Mark, 55, married Katie, 28, in 2014 and have a three year old son together. However, last year she admitted to having an affair with another man, 30 year old Scott Bale.

Trying to make the marriage work for the sake of their son, Mark and Katie later reconciled although she continued her relationship with Bale at the time.

Labbett told The Sun on Sunday that it is better now that they split amicably without the stress of living together. He went on to say that he had an idea that she had been seeing someone else but felt that the situation could be made to be OK.

Mark Labbett The Chase:

The only consideration, he said, was the fact they have a family unit and that cannot be thrown away lightly. Katie was also taking part in the interview and said her only hope was that Mark “can be happy”. He said that he wouldn’t want to publicly humiliate Katie and he hoped for everyone’s sake they can remain friends.

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