Linda Hamilton's sister dies

The twin sister of Linda Hamilton, Leslie Hamilton Freas has passed away unexpectedly at the age of 63.

Linda Hamilton’s sister dies: It was announced that she died on the 22nd August in New Jersey in an obituary published in the Burlington County Times.

It said that Leslie had worked tirelessly and passionately as an ER nurse before transferring to hospice care later in her career. Leslie did hit the film spotlight once, in Terminator 2: Judgement Day when she played her sister’s double.

The film was released back in 1991 and she also was seen as her sister’s image in a mirror. She is survived by her two grandchildren and three children, Ashley, Adam and Kendall, as well as twin sister Linda and their older sister and younger brother.

In the film Terminator 2, a terminator is set on a mission to kill Sarah’s son, John Connor. However, another cyborg, who was once after Sarah’s life, has now been assigned to protect him. Released December 5, 1991. Directed by James Cameron. The film was a massive box office hit generating 520.8 million USD

Linda Hamilton’s sister dies:

The cause of her death has not yet been made public. Contributions in Leslie’s name can be made to the Samaritans Hospice at

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