Guardia Civil break up and fine 100 person-strong illegal rave in Spain's Tarifa

Police were called to Valdevaqueros beach in Tarifa at midnight on Sunday after witnesses saw over a hundred revellers together.

25 people were also fined around 100 euros each for the law break before the whole party was dispersed.

The ringleader – who people said organised the meeting on Facebook and other social media platforms – was also reprimanded and some reports say he could be prosecuted further.

Witnesses and police say the partygoers were drinking out of huge buckets around a camp fire on the beach and playing obscene music extremely loudly after a huge speaker was set up.

The Local Police of Tarifa – 10km west of Algeciras near Gibraltar – have issued 263 fines for covid related offences such as illegal parties like the one here.

‘Bottelos’ and street/beach parties are a major problem in Spain with the closure of bars during to Covid being the main reason and young people being locked up at home for months during the pandemic.


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