Fans of Spain's Fuengirola Costa del Sol get emotional as the town sits on the verge of collapse

Fans of Spain’s Fuengirola situated on the Costa del Sol are getting emotional as the town sits on the verge of collapse

As the normally vibrant holiday town of Fuengirola sits dormant with hotels closed up and businesses suffering due to strict restrictions as Spain battles the second wave of Coronavirus, fans of the town are getting emotional and pouring out their hearts to their favourite town in Spain.

The situation is very tough in Fuengirola due to the current restrictions, bars and cafes are struggling for custom, with many closing daily, as well as other business operations.

One of those fans and regular visitor Sally Sykes poured her heart out at the current plight as she took to social media channels to vent her frustrations and thoughts, she posted: “I have just read on the Fuengirola section of Tripadvisor that the Yaramar hotel and their chiringuito opposite are both up for sale or separately. Also, the Florida and the Angela hotels are currently closed and Beatriz Palace and Las Rampas will not reopen until April next year. This is awful news for the town and the local bars, cafes and restaurants. I am so sad for all the lovely hotel staff, who will now have no jobs and face terrible hardship. It is going to be a very quiet winter for us when we arrive in November if we are allowed to travel. We often eat out and try to support the local economy. We hope there will still be businesses left to support. Such sad and difficult times.”

The heartfelt message brought it home to many British Expats who reside in the town as Frank James warned:” Unfortunately this is just the beginning – The lack of a Summer season this year will force many more businesses to close.”

Meanwhile, Yvonne Walker pleaded:” This breaks my heart. Such a beautiful place with such a lovely Spanish community. I do hope and pray that you are incorrect in your information. I love Fuengirola, my second home and am so saddened to hear this.”

Unfortunately for Mrs Walker, it is true, the majority of hotels are closed with many unlikely to re-open due to lack of occupancy, the popular bars are sitting empty and closing by the day, especially the British owned businesses.

A stroll through the town last night demonstrated the hardship ahead for many on the eve of the start of September showed the reality, a walk along Fuengirola’s famous Paeso was if the town was back in lock down, as waiters huddled around tables with not a customer insight.

Whilst some are prepared to stick it out and hope for the best, many fear it’s game over and are returning or relocating as Andy Williams explained: ” I don’t see this town recovering for a very long time, look at it – it’s dead” he said.

” Nothing will happen until at least 2021 and that too could be unlikely if this pandemic continues, it could look like soon a boarded-up town center as back in the UK, I just don’t see any light at the end of the tunnel if I’m truthful”

“I know of many who feel the same and whilst I’m going to stick out, I can as I am not dependent on employment, many are planning to relocate to other countries or go back to Britain for the foreseeable future”

” It’s very very sad right now and unfortunately it’s only going to get far worse, so far it’s just the tip of the iceberg and in my opinion, the town is on the verge of collapse”

“Anyone dependent on income from the area is snookered to be blunt,” he said.

The future in Fuengirola is looking bleak for many as the economy collapses and the fans of Fuengirola are heartbroken at the town’s plight clearly.

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