English Channel swimmer found

A lone swimmer trying to cross the English Channel from Dover to Calais has been spotted by a passing ship.

English Channel swimmer found : Further to our recently published article, emergency crews spent nearly eight hours in the search for the missing man, however he was found just 500 meters off the coast of Dover.

After the coastguard received a call from his friend saying that the man was trying to cross the Channel alone. Helicopters and boats were deployed in the search.

English Channel swimmer found

The stretch of water between Dover and Calais is one of Europe’s busiest shipping lanes and is dangerous to cross. The coastguard also confirmed that, although the man was cold and tired, he was found well. He was bought ashore to be checked by medical staff.

The English Channel, usually referred to as the Channel, is an arm of the Atlantic Ocean that separates Southern England from northern France. It links to the southern part of the North Sea by the Strait of Dover at its northeastern end. It is the busiest shipping area in the world.

  • It has an Area of: 75,000 km²
  • Maximum width: 240 km (150 mi)
  • Maximum length: 560 km (350 mi)
  • Maximum depth: 174 m (571 ft); at Hurd’s Deep
  • Geolocation: Western Europe; between the Celtic and North Seas
  • Islands in the area: Sark, Alderney, Chausey, Îles Saint-Marcouf, Tatihou

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