Ex Para's Fought the UK Coronavirus Pandemic

Ex Para’s fought the UK Coronavirus pandemic in honor of their country on a voluntary basis

The parachute regiment, known as the toughest force in the UK’s Army, saw ex-members of the elite regiment jump to the chance of battling the UK’s Coronavirus pandemic.

A regiment normally associated with taking life than saving life, saw ex-members do exactly that when it came to the pandemic.

The former members of the Parachute regiment stood up as the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson requested for volunteers to assist the NHS during the peak of the crisis.

The ex-serviceman felt it was their duty to assist and carried out many duties, that included building field hospitals in London.

” We did whatever was asked of us,” former paratrooper Michael O’Mahoney told Global247news ” It was an honor to once again to serve the country, although it was very different to being out in the field of battle”

” I saw some distressing scenes on times, as the pandemic took hold of the old especially, but many of the old boys enjoyed listening to the stories from Iraq and Afghanistan and I think it gave them drive and determination to beat the virus,” he said.

” Many of the lady patients were concerned for me as I have a pregnant fiancee at home in Stratford and our first baby is due in September, but I wasn’t concerned, we are trained to take all precautions whilst in the regiment and I just reapplied that mentality”

Ex Para’s Fought the UK Coronavirus Pandemic

” The role was totally unpaid but it was very gratifying to be able to help so many at such a critical time and I would do it again if need be with no hesitation – it wasn’t about me, I wasn’t the only one from the Para’s but we just get on with it, it’s instilled into you after years in the regiment”

Marylin Chivers, from East Ham in London, shared her thoughts of the regiment and how she feels they deserve more credit, as she said” The Para’s were fantastic, they didn’t stop, day and night, you could see they are highly trained and it doesn’t leave them, personally I think they should all get an OBE they were amazing – the New Years Honors list should be full of these brave men, not the likes of actors etc, its time all the right people are honored”

“As for Michael – he was my favorite, he made me laugh so much, even when it hurt to laugh and I’m really looking forward to seeing his newborn when it arrives, he promised me a visit and I will be holding him to it,” she said.

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