Spain's Super spreader remains at large after infecting at least 140 people with Coronavirus

A super spreader of the deadly coronavirus remains at large in Spain as health officials suspect over 140 people have been infected  so far from the one person

Health experts suspect the coronavirus outbreak by the super spreader is linked to the nightlife scene in the popular Playa de las Canteras resort in Gran Canaria, one of Spain’s Canary Islands.

As the island of Gran Canaria faces another possible lockdown, health officials suspect that the island has a super spreader who has infected in excess of 140 people and is involved in the islands night scene.

Health experts believe the virus was introduced via the nightlife scene in the Guanarteme district of the popular Playa de las Canteras resort where health experts are trying to track and trace the spreader but without success so far as the rate of infections continue to spiral.

Whilst mainland Spain struggles with a  spiralling second wave of infections, Gran Canaria is battling escalating outbreaks of COVID-19 which has placed the island on the brink of a new lockdown unless the situation drastically improves in the next 18 days to where the government will reportedly action an outbreak plan.

The Canary government says it is watching the evolution of the virus very carefully and monitoring what action to take on a day to day basis at present as the virus figures continue to grow by the day.

On the island itself, resident Christopher Catton, a DJ involved in the night scene told Global247news:

” It appears here, according to health officials, that we have a super spreader and that the person has not been traced as yet, the clubs and bars I attend all take a temperature test but it doesn’t seem to be taking effect as the numbers of infections still skyrocket, there is a lot of talk now of another lockdown period on the Island, which quite frankly we can’t afford with the winter season ahead of us”

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