Novak Djokovic and others breakaway from Tennis's ATP

Novak Djokovic along with American John Isner and Canadian Vasek Pospisil, have all reportedly resigned from the Association of Tennis Professionals. They plan to start their own breakaway tennis group, the Professional Tennis Players Association.

Serbian Novak Djokovic, who is the number one ranked tennis player in the world has resigned from his position as president of the player council ATP to start the PTPA.

The ATP currently governs the men’s professional Tour. Its board is composed of representatives of both players and tournaments on the circuit.

Tennis’s Novak Djokovic is yet to formally comment. His fellow council member Vasek Pospisil confirmed his own resignation from the ATP. He additionally hinted at the concerns among professional players with the current set up.

“After two years on the ATP Player Council, I am resigning from my position as the player representative for the 51-100 ranking positions.” Pospisil wrote on Twitter.

“It has become clear that, as a player council member within the current structure of the ATP, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to have any significant impact on any major decisions made by our tour.”

The PTPA is believed by sources to be widely favored by players. Also women are not represented and it is unclear if there are plans to include them.

There is recent discussion about merging the ATP and WTA. Major stars Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer are supportive of this. However, the Times reported that “many men’s players” strongly object to merging the tours. They argue that women tennis players “do not deserve” to make as much money as men.

Pospisil publicly argues for Grand Slam tournaments to put more money toward female athletes. However, it’s unknown if the PTPA will adopt that stance.


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