four children rescued in Southend

Emergency services rescue four children stranded by rising tide. Four young children spotted waving frantically for help on Friday. The Children were stranded up to their necks in water at Mulberry Harbor near Thorpe Bay in Southend.

It appears the youngsters were making their way home when the incident occurred. HM Coastguard Southend was contacted from a 999 call placed by the children’s mother from the shore at around 3.15pm. A hovercraft was then deployed to help rescue the four children.

The coastguard say they were attempting to get back to shore. However, they were caught out by the speed of the rising tide and were seen waving from help with water up to their necks. In addition a general warning for members of the public not to walk out to any man-made structures has been issued. Southend tides can be deadly.

Good advice is to check tidal times and the weather forecast before setting off to the seaside. The children were taken to hospital where onset hypothermia was diagnosed. The children are receiving  treatment and are now recovering at home.

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