Trump suggests selling autograph

US President tells hurricane victims to sell his autograph on eBay and make $10,000

Trump suggests selling his autograph: Donald Trump whilst visiting hurricane victims devastated and homeless after the recent hurricane Laura has been giving out his autograph with the advice of  “sell it on eBay you will make $10,000″

The President was on a whirlwind trip to Louisiana- to see the damage himself left behind after the hurricane that struck the area mid-week when he came up with the novel idea.

As he strolled around victims, Trump suggests selling his autograph. As he started signing autographs saying ” Here you go folks, stick these on eBay, they will fetch you ten grand”

Then Trump sat with a group and declared: ” “Come here fellas, get over here. I want a little power.”

Trump memorabilia sells for thousands on the auction channel and these are sure to be snapped up by the highest bidders.

Chuck Armadi told Global247news how he thought it was a great idea as he said in Lake Charles: ” What a fantastic idea, just goes to show the difference when you have a businessman running your country, Mr Trump is a legend of the highest order”

Since the autograph session, no autographs have yet to appear on eBay as of yet but they are sure to follow as victims try to raise cash.

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